As amazing as this journey has been, it has not been without its challenges. The one person who has helped me keep my sanity and reminded me at every step that I can do this, has been my husband. More importantly though, he has been my voice when I felt I couldn’t have one.

In our culture, a father’s roles is to provide financially for their family and be the disciplinarians. There has been a shift in these norms, however, their ability to be nurturers is still not widely recognised. I believe fathers can play a key role in supporting their spouse and ensure that the decisions they make for their child are respected.

Do my husband and I disagree? Of course! More than we care to admit but he has always placed the utmost trust and value in my instincts. His unwavering support has made me more confident about my choices. These months have been tough because I was (still am) sleep deprived and don’t have the energy to want to justify myself. We are surrounded by so many different opinions and conflicting advice that I started to question if my choices were really what was best for our son. It was in these moments that my husband would remind me that no one knows our baby better than I do, and to shut everyone else out and trust my instincts.

PC: Sanyal Patel

Our love has grown in a unique way since the birth of our son. I am in awe of my husband and my heart continues to fill with more love for him as I watch him discover himself in his role as a father.

A child can have a profound effect on marriages, sometimes causing undue strain. Being able to rely on and support each other is crucial. Both parents are finding their own paths to managing this incredible responsibility, together and independently. Through this all, always remember to be kind to each other.

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